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It is considered one of the most nutritious and healthy foods for the human body. Victorian Foods produces both Nile Perch and Tilapia fish products, from the depths of Lake Victoria and the desert Lake of Turkana in the northern frontier. Victorian Foods boast of an advanced factory, manned by seasoned professionals who understand the complexity and details of fish processing: from sourcing, buying, processing, storage and marketing - the plant conforms to high standards of quality. Fully equipped in-house laboratories conduct organoleptic, bacteriological and chemical analyses to maintain the strict quality norms set by international bodies.

5 MT storage

The company has a freezing capacity of 5 MT daily including Blast freezers as well as a facility with (-18°C) freezing unit.

3 MT per day

Flake ice making machines ensure our suppliers are provided with ice for proper storage of fish at the landing beaches, also see to it that all the fish delivered for processing meets the required specification for quality. Having introduced value-added consumer packets, the company relies on a fleet of refrigerated vehicles to deliver fresh cut,chilled and frozen products right to the doorsteps of the most discerning clientele including five-star hotels, industrial caterers, restaurants, and supermarkets.

Victorian Foods is committed to empower the local communities in the lake areas especially the arid Turkana region by providing a ready market for the fish. Victorian Foods also supports the Kenyan government economic stimulus plan of aquaculture by providing ready market for Tilapia from the fish farmers within the rift valley.


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For a long time the resources from Lake Turkana have been unexploited. Lake Turkana is a fresh water lake (albeit being the most saline of the rift valley lakes) that is unpolluted due to lack of industrial activity around the lake. Poor connectivity and absence of basic utilities like electricity and water have hampered growth of the fish processing industry in Turkana. Our mission therefore is to maximize the resources of the company to add value to the fish from Lake Turkana and empower the local community to benefit from the abundant wealth in the county through quality processing, packaging, freezing and opening up new markets for the fish products both locally and internationally.


To be a world class producer of fresh and frozen fish products in the region. Our factory is currently the only one of its kind in the Rift valley region of Kenya and, seeks to open up opportunities in the fishing industry for the local community.

Core Values

Sustainable development, Eco- friendly processing techniques, Quality, Integrity, Honesty, Consistency, Efficiency, Excellence.


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